Spolia Tarot Deck

The Spolia Tarot is a collaboration between artist Jen May and Jessa Crispin. It is now available for pre-order.

Tarot Newsletter

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Tarot Readings

I’ve been using astrology and tarot to help work out creative blocks in both my own work and for my friends. I mix in storytelling and myths in my readings, as well as history and art, to help you understand what your strengths are, how you manage your energy, and how to retool your thinking on a project to bring it into alignment with your abilities and interests. I’ll show you how to rediscover your passion. To set up a reading, please email me at jessa@bookslut.com or book a reading now at my shop.

Creative Flow
An astrological reading to uncover your particular strengths as a writer or other artist, the areas of interest you should be focusing on, and all the little hidden weapons you have in your arsenal that you didn’t know about. Mixed with a special tarot reading to help you find the direction things are going in, where the trouble lies, and what tools may be used to get things working smoothly again.

One hour Skype session: $120, which includes consultation, discussion, a personal report, and a recommended reading list. You will also receive a copy of my literary magazine Spolia's Black Magic issue.

General Reading
Have a question that is not about your work? Choose between an astrological reading or a tarot card reading, on a specific subject. (Love, money, what have you.) Can be done either over Skype or simply typed up in a report over email, depending on your preference.

40 minute Skype session: $85, which includes consultation, discussion, a personal report, a copy of our Black Magic issue, and a recommended reading list

Venus Creative Consultation
Detailed reading for writers and other creatives about the role of Venus in your work. Venus = beauty, connection, love, fairness. What part of the process does she rule for you, and how can you make her happy? As Venus retrogrades through Leo (from July to October 2015), this is a particularly good time to figure her out and see how you can improve your relationship to her.

I'll do a combination astro + tarot reading, type up the personalized reading and recommended reading list, and send it to you within 48 hours of receiving your order. 

Three Card Draw
When dealing with an issue, sometimes a three card draw to see where you are, where you’ve been, and what direction you’re going, can offer an insight of clarity. Available over email only.

Written report: $30. Includes consultation, a detailed write-up and analysis, a copy of our Black Magic issue, and a recommended reading list.